Tech that can make your life easier…

As a Mother of 4 living in this technology age having gadgets that make your life easier and better are a dime a dozen but sometimes a real gem will come along and you just have to wonder how Did I ever live without it? Enter the OHLPRO Magnetic Car Mount and Holder. This little… Continue reading Tech that can make your life easier…


Is Olive the New Black?🤔

Hey Everyone and Welcome back! I don't know about you guys but I've noticed a major trend of late both in fashion and my closet. I've begun collecting more and more Olive in my closet then I've ever had before. It took me by surprise because it was never really on my radar before but… Continue reading Is Olive the New Black?🤔

🎃One Bad Witch 🎃

Hey you guys, Welcome back! Halloween is around the corner so this week I wanted to ask you guys is it possible to make a cool and recongnizable costume out of stuff in your closet? I say ABSOLUTELY! Not everyone has the funds every year to spend on an expensive costume that you’ll most likely… Continue reading 🎃One Bad Witch 🎃