Walking the world of Fashion as a Mom

Welcome back everyone, it’s been a while I know and I apologize for my blog absence. I’ve suffered an injury with my shoulder and am suffering from a pinched nerve in my neck, spasms in my trapezius muscle and an inflamed rotator cuff tendon so it’s been rough physically, plus children being sick and having tooth emergencies has made it so chaotic that there’s been no time to sit and write to you all. However recently one of my Sole Sisters reached out for a guest blogger to share her thoughts on Fashion, Moms and Boss Babes; it was like she was speaking right to me! So with a Nor’easter hitting NY I had nothing BUT time to sit and write to you; my audience. I’ve come to ask you guys your thoughts on Motherhood and Fashion.

When you think of Fashion does the word “Mother” or “Motherhood” follow behind? I used to think fashion followed by models and teens and or young 20 something’s, thin, beautiful, trendy everything I wanted to be. However I never thought Mother, Mom, Motherhood. That was until I became a mother myself and my tastes didn’t miraculously change. I still wanted to wear fitted and or sexy clothing. Now some of you may say “Oh well but you’re young” and that may be but I’ve learned through my more seasoned Sole Sisters (and I agree) that age is truly nothing but a number. You can be stylish and sexy at any age and stage of your life. That being said as a Fashion Blogger who shares all over various social media, I notice I’m hesitant at times to share as I know some of my children’s friends parents are friends with me and may see my posts and wonder “How can a Mother Dress that way?”

So I often hesitate but then say to myself to hell with it and post it anyway. Being a mother doesn’t mean my fashion sense is dead and to be quite honest I am and always will be a woman first. As women we always put ourselves last so when I dress it’s to please myself and make myself feel good and remind myself though I may be a mess a majority of the time, I still clean up nicely. My being a mother doesn’t change the fact that I love to occasionally dress sexy or look attractive. This also doesn’t mean I try to dress for “the club” it honestly means that I no longer camouflage the curves I was genetically blessed with to make others feel comfortable. It means at 32 years of age, I’m finally comfortable in MY skin “warts” and all. I am Imperfectly Perfect and I’m beginning to be ok with that. My Husband encourages it and my children tell me I’m beautiful even when I’m in my leggings and a messy bun. Being a Fashion Blogger has made me realize that fashion is for everyone, no matter your stage in life, your title or your shapeliness. Women with curves are just now being accepted and I’m proud to be one of the voices saying “Flaunt your curves, you’re beautiful period” being a Mother shouldn’t change that. I haven’t let that change me, why should you?

I want to encourage women everywhere to wear what makes them feel good and sexy and pretty, whether that’s Fashion Nova, LulaRoe or Target. Here’s to being comfortable in and wearing what makes you happy and being who makes you happy, whether you’re a Mom or Grandma embrace it and love the skin you’re in. Do you guys feel the same? Which of these are your favorite looks? Would you wear any of these? I wanna know what you guys think, Let’s chat! Drop a comment below. As Always Thank You for stopping by!

Love & Style

Sara ❤️

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