Tech that can make your life easier…

As a Mother of 4 living in this technology age having gadgets that make your life easier and better are a dime a dozen but sometimes a real gem will come along and you just have to wonder how Did I ever live without it? Enter the OHLPRO Magnetic Car Mount and Holder. This little guy makes my life easier everyday!


No longer do I have to put my phone in the cup holder so it can be close to me when I’m driving but now I can use the GPS on my phone without having to put my head down to see my next turn. It’s safer and easier and honestly a lot more fun to play DJ when I’m listening to music on the road. Did I mention it’s SUPER affordable too! I’ll leave the link for it down below so you guys can check it out. little gem I’ve come across is The OMNIHOME Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier. It’s winter so that means cold and flu season so helping my kids and myself breathing better at night is a huge priority and this thing does the job!


It’s compact so it doesn’t take up a lot of space but it’s strong enough to do the job and well! Plus the awesome lights are a nice benefit if you want a night light for a baby or child’s room. This is also super affordable as well! I’ll drop the link for you guys down below too. If there are any gadgets I’m missing that would benefit me and my busy and hectic life please drop a comment below so I can check them out! As always Thank You so much for stopping by!

Love & Style

Sara ❤️

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