Feeling Green with…Love

Hey Everyone, I’m back! Ever feel like there’s a color in your closet that you wear MAYBE two times a year but otherwise it’s never really bought out? That’s how I felt about the color green. It’s a beautiful color and I do like it but it was never really a color I wore often unless it was Christmas and or beginning of Spring and even then I might lean more towards flower prints then green and it’s many beautiful and various shades because I felt it wasn’t as flattering on me as it maybe on others.

Well Ladies and Gents enter JustFab. I’ve been a customer and a VIP for a long time and it DEFINITELY has its perks! I have already told you how much I’m loving the embroidery on things especially boots and booties, well they released this gorgeous flower embroidered peep toe bootie named “Bianka” that I just had to have! As you can see she’s beautiful and can be worn for both Spring AND Fall and she has touches of green in her. I was hesitant because as much as I wanted her I couldn’t picture wearing her with anything in my closet but as usual JustFab was prepared for people having the same dilemma as me.

They created this faux suede Moto Jacket in a STUNNING shade of Hunter Green and that folks is as they say is history. I ordered both and with my black Miracle Skinny Jeans I received from my Awesome Stylist Dani in my PS Box from PS by Just Fab (See previous post for more details) I had an instant rockstar look that was edgy, sexy, feminine and colorful too! Check it out.

I really enjoyed putting this look together and everything fit so comfortably too. I would definitely wear this look out to a concert or comedy show or a night out in the city. The jacket is warm and has great pockets and is SO soft. The richness of the green in this jacket has totally changed my mind and I’m looking forward to adding and rocking more shades of green into my wardrobe.

What color have you had an about face with recently because of a really stellar piece? Drop a comment and let me know in case there are other colors I need to start really looking at. Lol! Interested in becoming a VIP to snag these booties and or that jacket for $10 as your introductory welcome? Click here. JustFab.com/invite/SCerda. As always Thank You for stopping by!

Love & Style

Sara ❤️

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