Can OTK boots more then just sexy?

Hey Everyone! Welcome back, today I’m talking about Thigh High or OTK (Over The Knee) Boots again. I know I’m obsessed with them especially during fall season and honestly with good reason. They really are versatile and can help make your look say something depending on what they’re paired with. They can help up the sexy in your look or the soft and romantic in your look. Not sure what I mean by soft and romantic? Let me show you. Meet Shondell. A beautiful Thigh High Boot by Shoedazzle. She is almond toed, and has a gorgeous gold detail on her chunky heel. I paired her here with a black pair of Distressed Jeans and off the shoulder peasant top both from Fashion Nova. We can clearly see that Shondell is sexy but she’s not over poweringly so because she was paired with colors as soft as her grey and the billowy style of the top helps mute the sexy vibes a thigh high boot might give off as well. Here’s a close up of this beauty. The material she’s made of is a cloth so she has wonderful stretch and she comes in wide calf for those who like me have a wide calf and love thigh highs but want the extra space for Pants to wear w her. Her gold detail on her heel really do make her stand out as not your standard grey chunky heel thigh high boot. ShoeDazzle really made a stunning boot! I LOVE the ruffle details of this blouse from Fashion Nova. The billowy sleeves and just the top in general remind me of old school romance novels which I grew up on so no wonder it drew my eye. Did I mention she also has a beautiful tie detail on the back of her thigh? She’s a must have for a Shoelover’s collection but especially for Thigh High lovers EVERYWHERE. This look gave me perfect soft and romantic date vibes and I hope it did for you too. You don’t want to miss out on Shondell. She also comes in black if Grey isn’t your thing. What’s your take on this beautiful OTK boot? Drop a comment below. As Always Thank You for stopping by! 
With Love & Style


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