Is Olive the New Black?🤔

Hey Everyone and Welcome back! I don’t know about you guys but I’ve noticed a major trend of late both in fashion and my closet. I’ve begun collecting more and more Olive in my closet then I’ve ever had before. It took me by surprise because it was never really on my radar before but then all of a sudden it started catching my eye more and more being a color all in Fashion and I’m not sure if it was my recent love of Camo that triggered it or just seeing it in all the places I love to shop but before you know it I’m needing Olive in everything! Jackets, Tops, Boots, Skirts, Dresses. Almost Everything! I think the only 2 things I’m missing in Olive is eyeshadow (That I’ve already ordered) and a purse (which is currently sitting in a cart waiting for me to check out LOL) I seriously have begun to Obsess. It’s such a great color and looks good on ANYONE not to mention it’s a great neutral that stands out if you know what I mean? It’s such an amazing color and goes with practically anything! Color me a fan. My “Kara Off the Shoulder Top” in olive is by Fashion Nova and my “High Waisted Button Front Skinny” Jeans by Just Fab by Olive Sock Booties are named “Jia” by Shoedazzle. My Camo Top is from a cute Boutique on Instagram named BoutiqueSalesChic and my jeans are the “Pop Champagne” jeans by Fashion Nova and my Olive Booties named Maxwell also by Shoedazzle. What do you guys think? Has Olive really become the new Black? Do you love Olive too?! Chime in and let me know what you guys think because Im always interested to know. As always Thanks so much for stopping by!

Love & Style

Sara ❤️

PS: Love Anything I’m wearing? Click any of the links and you’ll get money off your first order because I sent you! How sweet of a deal is that?! Helping you stay stylish while saving money is just what I do 😘

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