Leopard Meets Roasted Pecan…

Hey Everyone, I’m back! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful and that you had plenty to eat and many people you love to spend the holiday with. If you had to work on the holiday I’m sorry about that but I hope you got that Holiday Money! LOL! Gotta think about Silver Linings. Anywho You’re probably wondering about my title and what I could possibly be referring to by “Roasted Pecan” well let me tell you, Roasted Pecan is a beautiful new color used to describe a brown orange. It’s a perfect fall color and I gotta say I’m loving it!

I was lucky enough to get to try a PSxJustFab Styling box. PS stands for Personal Styling by JustFab. It’s really an amazing deal. You take a short quiz about your taste in clothes and your preferred style and size and a stylist puts together a box for you. You can leave notes for them like you’re trying to add more color to your wardrobe or you want it to be more for work or for social engagements etc. You get to see the box and swap things out for other things they’ve chosen for you. You get 5 items. Once you’re satisfied with your box you click to confirm to send it and boom it’s delivered right to your door for you to try on at home. There’s still free exchanges and returns like JustFab regularly does. If you keep the box it’s $75 if you only keep a few items you’re charged for those items plus a $20 Styling fee. How awesome is that?

So I got to receive a PSxJustFab box and my stylist named Dani Alvarez who is so amazing, cute, on point and stylish she nailed my whole box! She even added pieces and colors I wasn’t sure about (including the Roasted Pecan) but assured me I’d love it and she was absolutely right! Everything in my box I loved but what stood out most was the Roasted Pecan Drape Coat and it’s softness. I could not wait to wear it! Finally on Thanksgiving I debuted this baby and I think you’ll agree it was worth the wait. My dress which complemented the coat so well was a Burnt Orange or Brick Red by Gabrielle Union from her New York & Company line and I decided to pair this look with my gorgeous Animal Print Sandal named Lilith by Shoedazzle. This whole look came together so seamlessly, I couldn’t have planned it any better.Each color/Print stood out but worked well for the over all look. I couldn’t have been happier. Like I previously mentioned the coat is so soft, warm and comfy and so rich in color I had to get it in the other two colors it comes in (Navy and Oxblood)Leopard is a classic and can definitely stand out by itself but when paired with such a vibrant and beautiful color it only makes the print stand out more, so when my Sole Sisters and I decided we wanted to do an animal print collaboration it was a no brainer for me to pull out the gorgeous and magical coat again and this time add a little more fall friendly pair of animal print shoes. Enter Neysa by Shoedazzle, a beyond sexy OTK boot. She comes in a variety of colors like solid Black, black Patent leather, gunmetal and of course leopard. I myself have her in Gunmetal as well. She’s super sexy and a perfect match with these Miracle Skinny jeans (Also from my PSxJustFab Box and another great pick by Dani.) And this off the shoulder top also from JustFab from last year. They teamed up to make an amazing look that’s perfect for going out with the girls or a date night with just the perfect amount of “Roar!”

My Sisters wanted to share how they do animal print and because they’re some of the stylish people I know I couldn’t wait to see and get ideas different from mine.What do you guys think of Animal Print are you a fan? What’s your take on Roasted Pecan? Are you a fan like I am? Chime in below I’d love to know! As always Thanks so much for stopping by.

Love & Style


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