🎃One Bad Witch 🎃

Hey you guys, Welcome back! Halloween is around the corner so this week I wanted to ask you guys is it possible to make a cool and recongnizable costume out of stuff in your closet? I say ABSOLUTELY! Not everyone has the funds every year to spend on an expensive costume that you’ll most likely wear once. I know as a mother of 4 children that one costume alone can be expensive but add more children and those numbers multiply quickly, not to mention kids are tough on them and they don’t last very long because most are cheaply made now a Days. 

    My Sole Sistas and I wanted to do a Collab of costumes you can create or looks to do to help be festive for the holiday, So I’m gonna share a hack with you on how to create a costume from your closet with minimal and cheap additions to complete the look. No every costume doesn’t have to be a “sexy” version of whatever you decide unless that’s your personality or preference. As you all know I’m extra so I like to be the one in heels but not always. For this costume I thought heels would work well and really sell this look and I think they did and here’s how it came out. I decided I was going to be a witch since I had an asymmetrical Long Sleeve LBD (Little Black Dress) in my closet from Just Fab that hadn’t gotten love in a year. I decided that adding a few pops of color would make my witch look stand out and be a little more fun. So I went to The Dollar Tree and purchased my purple and black witch hat and broom for a dollar each. So cool right? And they’re adorable and different so they definitely add color to my LBD. I even took my pics at the “witching hour” to sell the my witchy vibe 😊Next we have my awesome stockings that are so perfectly witchy (if I do say so myself) that I purchased off Amazon for $10. They’re comfy and fun and I think they’d even look great under distressed denim for a pop of color and a different take on stockings under distressed denim. Next we have my amazing booties named “Shylan” in black by Just Fab. This gorgeous and sexy Bootie screamed “Bad Witch” to me since She has leaf details in black all over her which makes her better and more chic then your average black Bootie and you guys know I’m here for that! She also comes in animal print and sparkles!  I think they worked great with this look. Lastly we have my makeup. I used the MorphexJaclynHill Palette by Morphe to do my eyes because that palette is amazing and so pigmented I didn’t need to use a lot. I used the shimmery purple named “Royalty” and I softly smoked it out with black eye liner. On my lips I have the Ciaté London Glitter Lipstick in Fortune sold at SephoraAnd this is how it all came together. $12 for a “sexy” Adult Halloween costume? Almost unheard of! Now when I go trick o treating with my kids I have another closet creation in mind which I’ll share on my IG Page, however My Sole Sistas and I wanted to Collab again to give you guys ideas and inspiration for Halloween Looks on a Budget in case you have parties to attend or just have to dress up to go trick or treating with your kids or family and you need something affordable and easy to do. Here’s the looks they created. Robin became a Flower Witch with Embroidery on her dress she turned a stylish dress into a stylish costume. Danielle became Little Red Ridinghood with a cute sweatshirt dress with a Hoodie and a sexy pair of OTK boots voila transform into a costume for a party or meetup. For more details on their looks follow them on Instagram. @RobinAvidor and @Adidaswoman. What did you think of my look? Did I miss anything? What would you have done differently? What look was your favorite? Drop a comment below and let me know. As always Thank You for stopping by! 

With Love & Style,

Sara ❤️

7 thoughts on “🎃One Bad Witch 🎃”

    1. Thanks sis! I enjoy costumes that are DIY or from creative things from the closet more then those overly expensive and cheaply made costumes they sell. It being made yourself definitely makes it more Unique in my eyes.


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