Denim on Denim? Yes Please!!

Hey Ya’ll! Welcome back, today I want to talk to you about Denim. Yes jeans! We’ve all owned a pair or 9 and at least a few Denim jackets. You maybe even own some denim tops, but have you noticed they’ve started spreading into shoes? From Pumps, Wedges, Flats, Sneakers to even Boots which all look amazing! And you think to yourself how can you ever wear them all together? Well I’m happy to tell you that Denim on Denim is a style and it’s SO trendy and I along with my Sole Sisters will Be sharing with you a few ways to style your closet faves! In this Look I’m wearing a denim top by “A New Day” that I got from Target, my jeans are the Cool Crops by Just Fab and I paired this look with my denim wrap around Pumps named Anais also by Just Fab. These work well together because I added feminine touches to this look. For example unbuttoning the denim shirt to expose the long necklace by Shoedazzle, Also the fitted cropped jeans that adheare to my shape and of course those fabulous and sexy Pumps! This look is works even more because of  the varying shades of blue in the denim. This look is so versatile I could change it up with small accessories and be ready to go almost anywhere.With just these sun glasses, I’m ready for a day of running errands (if you’re extra like me), brunch, shopping, or even go to the park with the kids. These blue shades from Go Jane work so well with my denim on Denim ensamble. By adding this Fitted Cap from Lids I’m ready for a Yankee Game (Go Yankees!) or any sporting event really. This look is so great because it’s so versatile. It literally can go from day to night. You could dress this look up and be ready for a night out of dinner and dancing or tone it down and switch to sneakers (they can be denim too!) if you’re not about that heel life and be ready for a day in the park or running errands. Still not convinced you can pull of Denim on Denim? Here are my Sole Sistas giving you a range of versatile looks you can make your own with what you’ve got in your closet that you never even thought of! Denim on Denim can be Preppy with Sweaters over denim button downs like Stephanie @StephanieGivesYouLife and Janelle @QuincysGirl77 are wearing. You can do Denim Crop top with cutouts like Myisha @Mys_Elegance or you can do Denim button downs on top of another shirt like Robin @RobinAvidor and Carryn @StylishGal_On_A_Budget or get creative and take a denim button down and turn it into a strapless piece like Celeste @CrownsByCeleste or take a simple and classic Jean Jacket w Jeans like Danielle @AdidasWoman. If there’s a look that really stands out to you don’t hesitate to follow these awesome and stylish ladies on Instagram for the details on their looks! I Hope I’ve inspired you to go play in your closet and try a denim on denim look soon! As Always Thanks so much for stopping by!
With Love & Style,


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