Being labeled “Extra” and Embracing it…

Hello Loves and Happy Monday. I’m back!! If you’re new here Welcome to Saras Trendy Style! Do you ever wonder when planning your outfits for an event or just a casual outting if your look is just a tad “extra”? Meaning it’s a little more fancy, or eye catching then the occasion calls for? Well I believe that being a little extra isn’t a bad thing. I personally feel it’s putting your own mark on what you’re wearing. I really feel it’s putting your stamp on your looks and displaying your style with your wardrobe. If you couldn’t tell I’m usually the “extra” one when it comes to my family memebers and my friends and I’ve made my peace with it as I know one thing, you’ll rarely catch me underdressed! LOLHere I am on a lazy Sunday afternoon in my off the shoulder army jumpsuit with slits in the knees by Fashion Nova and my adorable and super comfy sock Bootie named #Anka by ShoedazzleEven being in comfy clothes the consistency of sweats couldn’t keep me from my heels. I don’t find this “extra” but softening this look and also taking it from casual to date night if I were so inclined. Heels really do change how a look comes across or expressed. With two simple Braids in my hair helped make the simplicity of this look even more perfect since the outfit and shoes were speaking volumes on their own. So when someone tells you that you’re “extra” smile and say “I know! Thank You!” Because it really is a compliment to you and your amazing,  show stopping, eye catching style.  Until next time, Thanks for stopping by!
With Love & Style,


8 thoughts on “Being labeled “Extra” and Embracing it…”

    1. Hello my beautiful friend! I thank you so much for your sweet words. I’m sure there are but I’m happy to be counted among them! As you said w 4 littles it becomes a point to do it for me ☺️😚 Xoxo Thank You so much for stopping buy!

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