Welcoming In The Fall…

        Happy Monday everyone and Welcome Back! I hope you had wonderful weekend! Mine was packed with the birthday celebration of my 7 year old son Christian on Friday, the birthday celebration of my 18 year old nephew Ramzees on Saturday, the celebrating of my daughter Genevieve turning 7 months old on Sunday and last but not least the welcoming of the Fall season! Libras have taken over! Lots of pics taken and memories made and shared and love for life and everyone in it. There was especially love and happiness because boots and booties are officially the footwear of the season and I’m SO here for it!

Christian’s 7th Birthday

Ramzees’s 18th Birthday

Genevieve turns 7 months old!

Of course with all these happenings there wasn’t much time for photoshoots in this beautiful but brisk weather so today after doing my errands and hitting the gym I had just enough time to do a quick but fun fall photoshoot!
Button Fly Denim by JustFab
“Mavis” Booties in Taupe by JustFab
Cardigan by Target

Button Fly Denim by JustFab
“Mavis” Booties in Taupe by JustFab
Cardigan by Target

It was so fun to take a walk and see the sun dappling through the trees and starting to see the changes taking place in the leaves and even a few on the ground already! Its exciting to know a bloom of color is going to be taking place shortly. It was wonderful to take a break from hectic life to really just enjoy nature and my environment and the beauty around me, and all the while being in my cute and fashionable jeans and boots by JustFab. Today was a great day. I hope your Monday was equally great. As always Thank You for stopping by!

With Love & Style


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